China Coking ammonium sulfate suppliers

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China Coking ammonium sulfate suppliers

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Looking for low price but high quality coking grade ammonium sulfate from one of the competitive China ammonium sulfate of coking grade, coking grade ammonium sulfate for agriculture, coke ovens grade ammonium sulfate manufacturers and suppliers or a such factory? It is always here waiting for you.
Coking grade ammonium sulfate:
Quick Details:
Classification: Nitrogen Fertilizer
Other Names: Ammonium sulfate
Place of origin: Shandong,China
Model Number: GB535-1995
Appearance: white crystal
MF: (NH4)2SO4
CAS NO: 7783-20-2
Place of Origin: China(Mainland)
EINECS NO: 231-984-1
Molar mass: 132.14g/mol
HS Code: 3102210000
Used as fertilizer,applied to a variety soil and crops Used in textile ,leather,medicine and so on Mainly used as the raw material of BLENDING NPK
Coking-grade ammonium sulfate product description:
Moisture: 1.0%max
Free Acid: 0.20max
Payment Terms: L/C T/T
Sample: Free samples, Freight on your side
Packing and Delivery:
Packing details: 50kg/bags 1000kg/bags .Packing with pallet as buyer’s special request. Best service after shipment with emails. Cargoes photo before and after loading into container.
Delivery details: prompt shipment Store in a cool、well-ventilated area ,Away from the fire,heat source,Avoid combining ammonium sulfate with acid substance and alkali when stored.Storage areas shall be with the right material for leakage content.It easily decompose poisonous smoke when heated.
Our Concept:
1.Client is first, we are trying to bring maximum profit to our clients and we only share small
2.Credibility is the most important
3.Quality culture is our life
4.Great sense of responsibility China Coking ammonium sulfate suppliers

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