forged bars and plate

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forged bars and plate

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Forged Tube Sheet Plate
A tube sheet is a plate, sheet, or bulkhead which is perforated with a pattern of holes designed to accept pipes or tubes. It is drilled on the circular steel plate to be slightly larger than the outer diameter of the tube. It should bear heavy pressure, so it must be forged metal. These sheets are used to support and isolate tubes in heat exchangers and boilers or to support filter elements. Depending on the application, a tube sheet may be made of various metals or of resin composites or plastic. A sheet tube may be covered in a cladding material which serves as a corrosion barrier and insulator and may also be fitted with a galvanic anode. Tube sheets may be used in pairs in heat exchange applications or singularly when supporting elements in a filter.
Q3.Can you design new product for us?
A:Yes,we have 30 professional technicians that design and forge the products according to your requirements.forged bars and plate

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