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Slot Insulation Film factory

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6021 Polyester Film
Description: 6021 polyester film is bi-axially oriented polyethylene terphthalate (PET) film. 6021 is a milky white film. It is Class E(120℃) insulation.
Advantages: It has excellent electrical, mechanical, and impregnating properties. It also has excellent tensile strength, reliable heat resistance and good voltage characteristic.
Application: It is suitable for electrical insulation, such as slot insulation, inter-phase insulation and liner insulation in electric motor, wrapping insulation for coils and cables, as well as producing insulating flexible composite material.
• Thermal class:E (120℃)
• Thickness:0.023-0.35mm (More frequently used thickness 0.188mm-0.25mm)
• Standard width:1000mm (or according to customers’ requirements)
• Color:transparent and milky white
• Form:roll, sheet, and strip
• Superiority: Reasonable prices, high quality, prompt delivery, and excellent service.Slot Insulation Film factory

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