Cling Film Rewinder factory

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Cling Film Rewinder factory

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Plastic cutter fixing machine for box of cling wrap roll is designed for fixing the plastic cuttrer on the color box of the food cling wrap roll.By prmeium standard automatic PLC programmer contorl to coordinate with LCD touch screen,operation is very simple, The top quality of gluing gun provides very accurate glue spraying to ensure the quality production,and low defect rate.
all processes is byh automtion work,With different automatic sensors on the machine,it work as Automatic counting,alarming system,will provide very stable production,high efficient to reduce the less labor involved.
The one operator can work on this machine to save lot of labor cost.
It is ideal for blade attaching for color box of food cling wrap roll,aluminium house foil roll,food baking silicon paper roll,food waxing paper roll etc.
Main Specification:
Machine Dimensions:LWH 4000mmx1000mmx1550mm L
Air supply:0.45-0.8Mpa
Glue type:Hot melting glue
Gluing method:Glue spraying type
Capacity of glue cylinder:5KG/h
Carton box specifications:220x460mm (unfolded size)
Carton box specifications:460x240mm (unfolded size)
Production speed:30-35units/min
Plastic cutter fixing precision:Horizontal: ±0.3mm; longitudinal: ±:1.2mm
NOTE:The different requirement is accepted for a customized model.Cling Film Rewinder factory

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